Membership Express Service (MES) started as a small group of dedicated individuals during the infant stage of dental industry in late 1990's in downtown Los Angeles. After decades of experience, MES is recognized as performance leader of the dental laboratory delivery service industry. Currently, we cover the ENTIRE Southern California and many western parts of US with offices in City of Commerce and San Diego with over 6000 ft² of office space and close to 100 dedicated drivers.


Advantage MES MESadvantage

  • ONLY Specialize in dental industry, so we know your daily problems and headaches.
  • SIMULTANEOUSLY Pick-Up AND Deliver - same day!*
  • FREE Pick-Up packages- if we have delivery at the same site, on the same day - No one can beat that price!**
  • LESS THAN 0.01% Daily Error Average is truely unheard of in our industry
  • We cover ENTIRE Southern California... Now we offer next day delivery/pick-up for 6 additional western states (NV, AZ, NM, OR, WA, ID)
  • ... and we do that daily at 2500+ locations/day! (Over 250 Dental Labs)***


    * In special circumstances, we pick up + deliver next day due to unexpected closures, holidays
    ** Price based on places not by number of units (monthly minimum orders may apply)
    *** Special instructions on time guarantees and locations are available for extra cost (i.e. next door pick up and/or delivery, lock boxes during closure, etc.)




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